Nick Stead Interpretation

Heritage Consultant and Writer

Who I am

I am a highly experienced freelance interpretation planner and writer within the museums and heritage industry, with a background in heritage management and operations. My work ranges from local authority museums to visitor sites of national and international significance.




The Tower of London
Hampton Court Palace
Kensington Palace
St Paul's Cathedral
National Maritime Museum
Royal Observatory Greenwich
Houses of Parliament
Chatsworth House
National Museum of Ireland
National Library of Scotland
Historic Jamestowne, Virginia
Valley Forge NHP, Pennsylvania
Children's Museum, Jordan

and many more . . .



What I do

I develop creative frameworks for effective communication, allowing visitors to access, engage with, understand and appreciate collections, buildings, landscapes or bodies of knowledge.


By finding ways to unlock the ideas and stories within these resources, the passive provision of information can be transformed into an active process of learning.




master planning
interpretive planning
educational planning
concept development
subject research
picture research
copy writing
script writing
AV direction



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Nick Stead Interpretation